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  • Manage Lists
    • Merge two lists to a file.
    • Remove duplicate email addresses from a list.
    • Remove invalid email addresses from a list.
    • Compare two lists (select common or different email addresses from the lists).
    • Find a string in a list (possibility to select the matching email addresses).
    • Perform statistics based on domain names.
    • Sort a list.
    • Split a list.
    • Convert a list into a Bcc format (i.e. comma separated list of email addresses).
  • Merge Multiple Lists
    • Merge Multiple lists to a file.
  • Email Addresses Validation
    • Define valid domain extensions.
    • Define valid top level generic domains.
    • Define domain extensions to reject.
    • Define keywords to reject.
    • Select a file containing black listed email addresses.
  • Mail Accounts
    • Remove unwanted emails from your POP3 mail server account(s) without downloading them to your computer based on a set of criteria of your choice.
    • Extract and save the senders' email addresses from emails matching specific keywords without downloading them to your computer.
    • View the Headers of your messages.
    • View the Content of your messages.
  • Console
    • Log and Save errors that might occur while using the software.
    • Set up a trace for your POP3 connection in case of problems.


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